Craftsman UV Resins

Craftsman UV resins have specific proportions of nano – scale microcrystalline ceramic powders which enhances the scattering of light within the resin making the resin more sensitive to light and curing finer. Ordinary resin produces layer lines on the surface while Craftsman UV resin avoids this issue. The best 3D printer craftsman UV resin is available at Crafter3D.

Craftsman resin not only has high printing accuracy, long shelf life, and fast printing speed and low shrinkage rate. The first exposure time is faster (35 seconds compared to 60 seconds of similar resin products), the ordinary exposure is also 4x faster (2 seconds per layer compared to 8 seconds of other products) which will save you time and increase your efficiency when printing. Other feature of Craftsman resin is its low shrinkage, which can be as low as 3.8%.