UV Resin Standard 1Kg (Anycubic) – Transparent Green

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  • Curing wavelength: 365 – 405 nm
  • Bottom Layer exposure: 20-60 s
  • Regular Layer exposure: 5-15 s
  • Strong but flexible enough to keep your printed models unified and ultra fine detailed.
  • Strong adhesion of the model and easy to detach after forming.
  • Highest success rate of printing!
  • High-speed solidify.
  • Stable under different climatic conditions
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3D Printing Transparent Green UV Resin 1Kg (Anycubic)

Standard UV Resins are designed for standard applications like detailed miniatures, producing basic initial prototypes, and more DIY projects. It combines the easy printability and reliability for producing high-quality, detailed, smooth results. Check some of the key characteristics of Transparent Green Standard UV Resins:

  • Strong but flexible enough to keep your printed models unified and ultra fine detailed.
  • Strong adhesion of the model and easy to detach after forming.
  • Highest success rate of printing!
  • High-speed solidify.
  • Stable under different climatic conditions


Standard UV resins are the perfect suit for beginners and experienced 3D makers, you will be able to make real any project with high quality detail. Check some technical specifications:

  • Curing wavelength: 365 – 410 nm
  • Bottom Layer exposure: 20-60 seconds (for Anycubic 3D printers)
  • Regular Layer exposure: 5-15 seconds (for Anycubic 3D printers)
  • Hardness: 82D
  • Flexural modulus: 1,2 – 1,6 Gpa
  • Flexural strength: 50 – 65 MPa
  • Tensile strength: 36 – 45 MPa
  • Melting temperature: >65ΒΊC
  • Impact strength: 25 J/m


About Anycubic UV Resins

Anycubic is one of the premium brands for 3D printing Resins. It provides a huge range of materials for printing that follow same high-quality standardsΒ such as:

  • Low bubbles creation.
  • Low contraction
  • High success printing rate
  • Vacuum packing, no leakage.

Anycubic brand


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Transparent Green

UV Resin Type


Curing wavelength

365 – 405 nm

Bottom Layer exposure

20 – 60 s

Regular Layer exposure

5 -15 s


1 Kg

3 reviews for UV Resin Standard 1Kg (Anycubic) – Transparent Green

  1. Cornellius

    I used the grey and mostly the clear resin (about 40+ liters) with different printers like elegoo M2P, Saturn & Epax E10 (2.5sec) and the print quality is good. All the failed prints were my fault when the support failed or old fep, cold environment (an air heater can make miracle really) This is my go to resin because it is the cheapest (unfortunately not here on A.) and mixing well with siraya blu clear v2 if I need a stronger piece.The color is definitely yellow (more uv/sun = more yellow) but I don’t care the color.

  2. Steve R.

    Quite possibly the worst resin I have ever used. This would have been a one star review, but the fact that it printed without any failures is something I suppose.Other people have mentioned how brittle this resin is, but it really can’t be overstated. Ironically this resin is actually stronger before its fully cured. While the resin has some flexibility when it comes off the printer, it shatters like glass once it has cured properly. For example, you can print a miniature base (around 4-5mm thick) and snap it with little effort. I even had one shatter when it had a fall onto a hard floor. Something I’ve never seen before and I’ve printed several hundred of the exact same base, and they’ve been mailed across the globe, dropped off tables etc. Anyone looking to use this for printing miniatures is asking for trouble.The biggest problem with this resin is pigment separation. I always make a point of shaking resins for several minutes and using a vortex mixer after receiving a bottle of resin the mail. You don’t know how long it has stood before reaching you and all resins separate given enough time. This stuff though? This is something else. You can watch the pigment separate before your very eyes. With most resins you can comfortably leave them in the vat for several prints, providing you have no failures. With this you have to clean your vat out after every run.If you don’t clean out your vat you will be left with pigment stuck to your FEP film, clouding it prematurely. You can even see “tide marks” of pigment build up on the walls of your vat while a print job is in progress. As I said; you can see this resin separate in real time. If this is your only choice of resin then heed my warning about emptying your vat. One bottle of this has already cost me a new FEP film.Theres also the issue of tackiness of finished prints. Something I think is down to the separation also. Finished models require much more cleaning than with other resins, and it will pollute your ISO/methylated spirits like no other resin out there after you’ve cleaned your prints. For example, when using Epax resins I refresh my cleaning solution maybe every 2-3 days. This resin will cloud your cleaning solution after a single run.Avoid this resin like the plague. The reduced price might sound good, but ultimately you’re paying more for the extra cleaning time and materials used.

  3. Lee FletcherLee Fletcher

    I’ve been using Anycubic Green for 2 bottles now, as well as Anycubic Skin and Grey, and they’re all really good resins. I think the Grey is my favourite. The Green is the “control” with it churning out great prints when I was just starting with very little effort or knowledge on exposures or supporting/orienting miniatures properly. Now that I know what I’m doing, I find the Grey to be a better resin for minis…seems a bit less brittle, but generally the end result is about the same once it’s all painted. The attached photo shows a huge 15cm high Demon King by Artisan Guild, printed in parts in Anycubic Green. Every piece came out perfectly. It glued together well. I use Gorilla Gel Superglue which works great.Everyone talks about the smell…well yeah…there is a smell, there’s no getting around that other than building a fume cupboard or filter system. The Green was the worst for that, but it wasn’t as bad as some people make out. Different people have different sensitivities to it, and for me it was ok. The Skin and the Grey are about the same…less smelly than the Green but still a smell to them. It shouldn’t stop you from using them. Every resin has some smell to it, it’s part of what they are. I have mine set up with some ducting that routes out through an open window, and an inline fan which pulls all the smell outside, and that gets rid of 95% of the problem. There’s a Thingiverse design for an adaptor to connect the rear exhaust to the ducting tube. So it printed its own solution! πŸ™‚

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