DIY Engraving package (LONGER)


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  • 6 x Basswood Plywood 3.94″x5.91″x0.079″
  • 1 x Black acrylic board 5.91″x5.91″x0.079″
  • 4 x Round wood block 2.75″-3.15″
  • 48 x Pine Cube 0.59″x0.59″x0.59″
  • 2 x  Pet ID tags
  • 2 x Self-adhesive leather 7.87″x11.81″
  • 12 x metal business card 3.39″x2.13″
  • 1 x Photo frame 4.88″x6.85″
  • 1 x Necklace 1.93″x1.1″x0.12″
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DIY Engraving package (LONGER)


Longer material pack with 9 popular materials:

  • Basswood plywood
  • Black acrylic board
  • Round wood block
  • Pine cube
  • Pet ID tags
  • Self-adhesive leather
  • Metal business card
  • Photo frame
  • Necklace

Longer Material pack meets your needs for multiple engraving materials. It’s perfect for getting started with laser engravers such as CNC laser machines and Ray5.

All materials are carefully selected:
High-quality quality materials result in better engravings.

Wide Usage:
You can use your laser engraver and the material pack to bring your wish list items to life – home decoration, wood items, and more.
You can customize unique gifts for your pets, family, clients, and more. Besides gifts, you can also customize decorations for family, shops, and some festivals.

Package Includes:

  • 6 x Basswood Plywood 3.94″x5.91″x0.079″
  • 1 x Black acrylic board 5.91″x5.91″x0.079″
  • 4 x Round wood block 2.75″-3.15″
  • 48 x Pine Cube 0.59″x0.59″x0.59″
  • 2 x  Pet ID tags
  • 2 x Self-adhesive leather 7.87″x11.81″
  • 12 x metal business card 3.39″x2.13″
  • 1 x Photo frame 4.88″x6.85″
  • 1 x Necklace 1.93″x1.1″x0.12″


Warm Notice:
1. Please allow slight size errors due to manual measurement.
2. Because of lighting and screen settings, please note there might be a slight color difference between the pictures and the actual product.


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